Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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Buddy Miller / I Don't Mean Maybe / Love and Other Lies CD
Dixie Chicks w/ Rosie O'Donnell / Merry Christmas From The Family / Another Rosie Christmas CD
Glenn Campbell / I'll Be Home For Christmas / Christmas With CD
Harlem Parlour Music Club / We Three Kings

The Chapin Sisters / Trouble
The Chieftans w/ Ricki Lee Jones / Oh Holy Night / The Bells of Dublin CD
Greg Brown / Sailing Down My Golden River /
Where Have All The Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger Vol 1 CD
Lucinda Williams / Lake Charles / Car Wheel Gravel Road

Local Artist Spotlights:
Jeff Bragman / Goodbye Baby
Job Potter / Henry Hudson's River / Job Potter
Inda Eaton / Casper / Live

Elvis Presley / Silent Night / Elvis' Christmas Album
Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear / St. Booze / Dawn's Early Apocalypse CD
The Carpenters / He Came Here For Me

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  1. Sometimes life gives us a glimpse of something so incredibly beautiful, that it is beyond the power of words to describe, something so wonderful and so exquisite, that all we can do is let our emotions and our hearts express what words cannot. The result is goosebumps and rivers of joyful tears. This is the voice and beauty of Jackie Evancho. In this wonderful Christmas CD Jackie gives us a little glimpse of Heaven as she sings "O Holy Night" in a voice so pure and clear it is like fine crystal. Her rendition is the best I have ever heard, and I predict that it will be broadcast and played in homes all across America this Holiday season. Just four tracks and a DVD of her previous appearances, but it is not to be missed. I highly recommend it.